8 Ball In The Wind

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Mission pt 5

Swan looked at Tennessee, who nodded to him, and then at Doc and said; “We’ve had about enough ‘Joe’ to last a while, why don’t you let the prospects go in too.  We’ll stay out here and watch the bikes.”
Doc looked at the two prospects and simply said: “You heard the VP, go in and get yourselves some coffee and chow.”  With that both prospects quickly made for the door and headed inside.  Doc turned to look at his VP and Tennessee, and began to lay out the plan he had in his head for getting us all back home with the least hassle. 
The Club only had hassles with one of the other clubs in the area.  The big clubs would either ignore us, tolerate us, or were openly friendly with us.  Only the one club; a bunch of bike stealing, lowlife motherfuckers, ever gave us any trouble.  Even then it was only when the odds were in their favor. 
Since they obviously knew they had taken Swan down, they must have known there would be a run to bring the bike home.   There were only four options for getting us home.  One would be to ride up to Ellensburg, then take Interstate 90 west to Seattle, and take the ferry back to ‘Bummertown’.  The long way around, and then slow and expensive for us all to take the ferry.  The second way would be to ride back the way we came, cut west at Olympia and sneak in through backroads through Shelton and up into Bremerton.  But to Doc that felt too much like he was running scared, which he wasn’t.  The third way would be to take the Ellensburg route to Seattle, then head back south again and swing through Tacoma and then back to Bremerton.  An even longer and more time consuming trip, which didn’t appeal to him at all.  So Doc decided as he laid out the options to his VP and Master At Arms that we would just ride back the way we came, and maybe top off the tanks in Olympia so we could just blow through Tacoma and head home.  The simplest and easiest way.  It made sense to Swan and Tennessee, so they had no problems with the plan.
About that time, I stepped outside to have a smoke and stretch my legs a bit.  I had been sitting long enough, and still had a few hours of sitting ahead, so I wanted to stand for a bit.  Doc saw me standing by the door enjoying my Camel and called me over to where the three of them were talking.
When I joined up with them, Swan was suggesting partially rolling out the old Navy mattress in the bed of the truck when we refueled in Olympia.  He’d sit on it from then on back to Bremerton where he could pull his 1911 for defensive firepower if needed.  There was already a 12 ga. coach gun in the gun rack of the cab.  So the truck would be able to take care of itself.  All the Brothers were packing, so they would be ready in case any shit went down.  The question was, would it?
“Ya know Doc,” Tennessee began, “They only went after us ‘cause they had us out numbered four to one.  If they were really looking for a fight, they would have stuck around until ya’ll showed up.  It’s not like we’re gonna take a leisurely putt up Mountain Highway and through Tacoma.  So they’d have time to round people up and head us off.  If we stick to the freeway, we’ll be through town and over the bridge in what, maybe fifteen, twenty minutes?  Unless we run into a group of them on the freeway we should be good to go.”
“Or are you thinking about getting some retribution?”  Swan asked “’Cause I know I am.”
“I’m with Tennessee.  I added.  “If they don’t know we’re rolling through Tacoma we shouldn’t have any trouble.  We’re only going to get shit if we accidentally run into a pack of them.  If we run into a couple of them, they won’t do shit about us riding through.”
Doc thought for a second or two, then made only a couple of minor changes to the plan already forming in his mind.  “We’ll head back the way we came.  We’ll top off in Packwood, and then again in Tumwater.  Swan you climb in back of the truck there, and take the coach gun with you.  There’s a box of slugs in the glove box.  Swan, you feel up to driving from here to Tumwater?  The cab of that truck is gonna be mighty tight with three of you in it.”
“Hell Doc, I’ll ride in back.  I’ll just take the coach gun and shells with me.  Be nice to stretch out and relax for a few hours.”  Swan grinned.
“Fine by me.” Doc replied.  By now, everyone was beginning to roll out of the Denny’s, and milling around the bikes and the four Club officers.  Doc looked to everyone and said with a grin “Beer thirty in Packwood.”  With that everyone moved to their bikes, or climbed into the crash truck, and within a couple minutes we followed Doc back out onto the main road of Union Gap heading towards the freeway.  Next stop: Packwood.

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