8 Ball In The Wind

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Denied...but not giving up

well shit, got back from a ride yesterday and had a letter in the mailbox.  the Judge denied my request for reconsideration, so now i have to appeal to Superior Court.  what a bunch of shit.  so that is the next step.  I have a feeling, by the time I get this bullshit straigthened out, I'll be back at work someplace, and wont need unemployment.  but whether I lose the house, the bike, and eveything else before that is another question.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy Week

Between doing my taxes, looking for work, and trying to finish getting the bike ready to go, I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger.  Trying to keep everything flowing in the same general direction and not letting everything get twisted to shit.  I'm hoping this weather decides if it's going to stop going through mood swings, so I can get some good long rides in.  Hell, it couldn't decide if it was going to snow, hail, rain, or sunshine monday...oh well, it is the Pacific Northwest; if you wait for good weather to ride, you'll probably be working that day.

Friday, April 8, 2011

And On It Goes

OK, on to the next chapter of this ongoing saga of the incredibly useless waste of time that my former employer has created.  He filed for a "Review of An Initial Order" after I won my appeal (the week before I protested him releasing the wife and step-sons personal information).  So basically he appealled my appeal...and won.  So, now I not only am no longer eligible for unemployment, but now the state says I have to pay it all back!  Almost $2,000 they now say I owe them as an over payment!  Since I am not working, I am not sure how they fingure I am going to be able to pay that back.  But, I did file an application for reconsideration.  Along with the pic posted above.  It shows the company property, shaded in blue. It's from the middle of the bus barn near the lower center of the pic, about even with the middle of the bus that is parked in the alley next to it, that I walked (after in his own statement he told me to "back off") about 5 seconds before he said to "turn in your keys".  Unless I was sprinting ( and remember now, I am 50 and weigh about 235) I couldn't have even gotten off the jobsite.  I am hoping this pic and the others showing where we were standing during this 2-3 minute argument will show that I never walked off the jobsite as my former employer is trying to suggest.  If not, I can't think of much left except filing for bankruptcy.  I havent been able to make a house payment since the 1st of November, and my brother has been making my bike payments.  So I am not sure what the hell is going to happen.  But I will do my best to keep everyone posted.