8 Ball In The Wind

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Dollar Waiting On A Dime

I put the stud in the hole with Permatex Bearing Mount...but after a full day, I can still wobble the stud.  So, I am going to have to have the hole drilled out and tapped for an insert.  The problem is, the insert wont be here until next week.  I could go and pick it up...but that would cost $30 in gas...to pick up a $4 part.  I cant afford that right now.  So I am just going to wait.  Once I have the insert, a friend with a drill press is going to help drilling and threading the hole for the insert.  then it will be just bolting everything back together.  So the whole bike, is waiting on a $4 insert, so I can button it all back together again....

Oh well, wont be long now.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tear Down

Started the tear down yesterday, and within a couple hours had everything ready and pulled the tranny.  Quite a lot of fucking hassle just to work on one stud hole, but it is out.
Now, I am waiting for the Bearing Mount from Permatex to cure.  Hopefully it will keep the tranny from leaking out of the mounting stud hole.

If this doesnt keep it from leaking, I can only figure putting in a Heli-Coil.  Because I simply cannot afford anything else at the moment.  

Wish me luck.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gypsy In The House

I brought the bike into the front room yesterday so I can work on it in a warm room, and not out in the cold of my partially enclosed carport.  It does bug me a bit, that in order to hopefully repair the threads in one of the bottom tranny mounting stud holes, I have to remove the seat, the exhaust, battery, oil tank, outer primary cover, clutch and compensating sprocket, primary chain, starter, stator, inner primary, and the shocks.  What a pain in the ass to repair the threads in one hole.  What worries me is that it turns out I cant repair the threads...if thats the case, I am hoping to just put in a Heli-Coil, and call it good.  I dont have the cash to have an insert machined and put in place, and certainly cant afford another tranny case.
Also, over the next two weeks I have to get ready for my hearing in Superior Court, about whether I was entitled to unemployment or not until last summer.
Busy couple weeks ahead.  Oh well, thats life.

Catch ya on the road sometime....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WARNING "Vista Antivirus 2012" is a fucking killer computer bug!! WATCH OUT!!!

OK, here's the shit!!  This virus, worm, trojan, whatever the fuck you want to call it, just wiped out my good pc, with all my picks and good shit on it.  I was surfing one of my usual sites scoping out the bikes, and all of a sudden, Windows Security pops up saying that Vista Antivirus 2012 reports it isnt turned on.   That almost slipped passed me, before I realized that isnt the antivirus software I have.  I really quicked checked the programs on the pc to make sure.  Just like I thought, no such software on the machine!!  So I go to restore to an earlier restore point, and it pops up with a warning from this antivirus profile it isnt allowing me to do this because that part of the system has been corrupted.  Everything I tried to destroy or isolate this program it popped up wiht the same window.  Each time asking if I wanted to perform a scan to remove the spyware/malware/whateverware infecting my computer.  I downloaded as many of my pics as I could onto a flash stick, and two discs before shutting down the computer. 

I am now rnning a 10+ yr old pc using XP, because the other just went TU.  I wanted to check what was on the flashstick, that it was in good shape, and this old hting doesnt recognize the flash stick, so I'll have to try something else.  One of the discks seemed to copy (the one with plans for choper frames and such) but the other was "corrupted and unreadable" by this old dog of a computer.  I am hoping I was able to save some of it.  but I have a feeling everything else on that other PC is worthless now.

Any-fucking-way, this Vista Antivirus 2012 gave no warning of its existence until it popped up, and within a very few minutes my computer wasnt even able to download pics onto a disc.  After that, it wouldnt even reboot.  So watch out!!  This thing is a killer!!!

Catch ya on the road sometime.....

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Custom Built Turbo Norton

OK, about 9 days ago I posted an article out of an old parts catalog about the Indian Chief with a Vincent motor...a cool article, and i have since found a couple pics of the original bike, and some replicas.  But when I posted that article, I was planning on posting another about what was on the other side of that catalog page...Originally out of the June 1983 issue of CYCLE CANADA was a one page article about a bike that started out as a Norton Atlas, but after its owners were finished with it, it was a turbo charged 850, that looked like a Commando.  I spaced on posting it until now...Sorry about the delay, but it has been a bit hectic around here lately.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  Easpecially about it having 12:1 compression pistons, and is KICK ONLY.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Merry Christmas

This itme of year gets kind of hectic for everyone I am sure.  I know it does here.  I plan on rearranging some things in the front room of the house, and then pushing the bike around the block and up into the house.  That way I can have a warm dry place to do the work I have been putting off because of the cold temps out in the carport.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and lets hope 2012 will be a better year thna 2011 has been.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Friday, December 9, 2011

An Indian Vincent Chief?

I was digging through some old boxes of shit the other day, and I came across a page out of an old catalogue from a parts supplier from back in the late 80s.  It tells the story of how Indian tried to come up with a Harley beating new version of the Chief in the late 40s.  But instead of following through with this new idea, they just increased the displacement of their already obsolete flathead engine from 74 to 80 cubes.  I am posting a scan of the article below, read it, and think about what the future for both Indian, and Vincent might have been had they gone into production wiht this bike.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Fucking Cold!!

My "Garage"

Its been colder than a witches tit the past few days.  Hell, in a lot of parts of town the frost doesnt even melt, just gets thicker each night.  So going out to what I refer to as a "garage" has been mad e in short trips.  You see, my 'garage" is an old carport attached to a small shed, with a tarp hanging down on one side, a lattice running the entire 20 feet of the otherwall, and a 1/2 wall made of plywood on the end.  The other end, towards the alley, is the only solid wall in the place, and it is only two swinging doors made of plywood.  The cold wind blows through, and the concrete slab feel just fucking arctic!!  Needless to say, I have been trying to get shit done on the bike, but only in 15-20 minute stretches.  Then I come back in to warm my digits back up so I can feel them.  So things are going slow...but I have an idea.

I am seriously considering clearing everything in my way, out of the front room in the house and laying down a tarp and sheet of plywood.  Then running the bike in through the front door and working on it in the house.  If I dont start getting anywhere outside, I will.  Already missed a couple good rides this month, and dont feel like missing anymore. 

So if I suddenly post pics from inside the front room of the bike, you'll know what happeed.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time to Relax

OK, I got the Legal Briefs done, and delivered yesterday.  Was back at work today, and after tomorrow I have 5 days off.  So it is going to be a time to relax and try to get Gypsy taken care of and back on the road.  Now if the weather will cooperate, and not piss down rain and freeze, or snow, I should have a nice relaxing few days to get some shit together. 
I was at Walmart last night, and for some reason bought one of those $5 "Sturgis" DVDs...I was kind of pleasantly surprised to see Bean're and then the Limpnikie Lot, and  then Jasmine Cain on it.  Usually those things tend to get used for background noise for parties once everything kind of mellows.  But I actually think I may sit down and actually watch it again sometime.  It was called "Sturgis Million Motorcycles 4"...or something like that.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Not So Brief...Legal Brief

I asked my niece to help massage the info I needed for the legal brief I had to submit by the 22nd (yes, I know its this coming Tuesday) since she worked in a lawyers office.  It turns out, that due to rules specific to Thurston County, and evne more specific to which Judge it is going to, it has to be a specific font style and size.  The margins have to be such and such, and a whole list of other shit that has to be done just so it can be accepted.  She even told me there are Thurston County specific rules for how it has to be submitted.  A normal fucking person wouldnt know ANY of this shit, so guess how many pieces of paperwork dont get filed properly...I know mine wouldnt have been.  She even said she had to get the rules on paper so she could get the brief typed up properly, with everything the court says it needs to have on the page for documentation that it was submitted properly.  It figures, that Thurston County would be the one with so much stinking red tape and BS...it is where all the lawyers gather to make new laws...the State capitol is in Olympia, in Thurston County.  They wouldn't want a normal guy to be able to get anything "Legal" done without help...it sure explains why there are so few regular folks working cases in the legal system.  It is supposed to be done tonight, and emailed to me this weekend so I can print it up and deliver it it on monday (I had to take a day off work) to the court and the Asst. Attorney General who is reresenting the State in this.
Makes me want to punch something sometimes.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Legal Brief

Heading out this morning to get the brief for my appeal worked on.  Hopefully it will get done, or at least have a good enough start that I can finish it.  I was going over the record of the hearing, and noticed the boss made bogus statements that I didnt catch at the time...like that I was hired "on call" so didn't have any set hours per week.  Or that it was "3 or 4 months" before I was given a route to drive.  I am hoping to catch more bullshit statements from him.  Even though it means I will probably have to send in a formal request for my personnel record and payroll.  I am going to see if I dont still have my pay slips for that 1st year at least.  I so want to nail this fucker.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Just Keepin on Keepin On"

Just when I thought I was getting a handle on things...he handle broke off.  I had to buy some tires for the front of the wifes SHO so i could drive it in the snow to and from work.  So it takes most of the money I had set aside for bike parts so I could ride this winter.  I figured I could cover it next month.  Then I remembered about 3 weeks of Christmas vacation...which means no work for 3 weeks...so no money.
So then I figure I will jsut get the bike up and wont do anything major to it this winter.  no problem...until I blew out the rear tire doing about 60 or so on the way to work thursday morning.  Luckily work is only a 1/2 mile from a tire shop, so I got another pair of tires for the rear of the car.  I wont have to worry about a blow out or snow traction now...but not so sure about being able to afford anything else.
I'm just gonna have to keep trucking on, and not letting anything get in the way.

See ya on the road sometime...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Mission From God

ok God dammit, this transmission is turning into a real MISSION!!

I was making a quick putt to check on something a couple weeks ago.  (luckily it was only a 5 or 6 mile round trip) when I got back to the house I found out one of the studs for the transmission had come out going down the road. 

for some reason, the stud hole runs all the way into the tranny case.  so when the stud backed out, it was just like removing the drain plug.  ALL THE 80/90 WT FLOWED OUT!!!

when I went to the bike shop to get a new stud, they didnt have one in stock.  they got on the phone, and online and hunted around for me, and two shops in the state had the studs.  each of them was about an 8 hr round trip drive in the car.  not worth it to pick up a $4 stud.

a week goes by, and the stud arrives at the shop, and I go get it.  the nut for the stud is another $2, so I had to get it.  let's see; $80 in gas from two trips to the shop just to get $6 worth of hardware.

when I went to put the new stud in place, it threaded right up.  that is, until it was to the point it needed to tighten up.  it seems the threads were hashed at that point so it wouldn't tighten.
I figured if i put a washer or two on the stud, it should tighten up BEFORE the hashed threads.  it didnt...instead, the stud just wouldn't tighten up, and the threads seemed to be coming out in pieces.

so, it looks like I am going to have to pull the tranny AGAIN!!

yes, it is the same tranny, that had the shiftr alignment spring break off two days before a week long ride with friends.  the same tranny that broke off a tooth on the mainshaft 5th gear, and the same tranny that had the wrong seal put on it, and needed to be replaced.
so let me see...since July, this tranny has been pulled out of the bike....oh, Hell..let me think.....4 times?...or is it 5!?!

so now I need to pull; the oil tank, primary, clutch and compensating sprocket (again), and the tranny so I can repair (hopefully) the threads in the case.  even if I have to put a helicoil in its place, I have to do something.  I just cant afford a new tranny case, or even a used tranny at the moment.

I guess it is time to be like the Blues Brothers...cuz this transmission is turning into a "Mission From God".

catch ya on the road sometime...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ride Map

This is a map of the places, and roads that I remember going to over the past 30 years.  A lot of the other places, I can remember parts of the roads, but not most of the way...what can I say, a lot of those years is a bit fuzzy...I also placed red stars on the places, or runs I want to go to.  Sort of a road Bucket List. 

Some of them, are close enough in time and distance to one another that one big cross country ride could hit several of them.  And, I have enough friends scattered out across the country, I would love to be able to meet and ride with.

And if any on my friends know of a road, or a run that might be tool good to miss, that I dont know about, hell just let me know.  It just might make it onto the map  lol

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Flaw in the design?

Ok, I just have one question for the Harley engineers...why would you have the hole for the stud that attaches the transmission to the plate that mounts it to the bikes frame go all the way through the tranny case? 
Apparently, when I put the tranny back in the bike after replacing the 5th gear mainshaft, and mainshaft oil seal, I didnt use loctite on that one stud.  Somehow it backed out going down the road, and I lossed all my tranny gear oil.  Thank fucking God I was only on a very short couple mile putt and didnt screw up the tranny...or go down as the 90wt flowed out in front of the rear tire.

To top it all off, the damn mounting  stud had to be ordered, because non of the shops within an 8 hr roundtrip drive had the damn thing!!  I wasnt gonna waste a day, and about $100 in gas to run and get a $4 mounting stud.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Oyster Run

Well we made it to the Oyster Run over the weekend.  All in all, it was a pretty good trip.  Met up with a couple friends in Olympia, and we rode up US 101 to Port Townsend with a couple stops along the way.  We stopped in Brinnon, along Hood Canal for something to eat, and I suggested we make a little side trip to Rockybrook Falls.  A really cool waterfall hiddden from view but just out of sigth until you are right at the bottom of it.

Rockybrook Falls
 Then we headed up over Walker Pass through Quilcene and the back way into Port Townsend.  Going over Walker Pass we caught up with, and slid into a group of bikes that were also heading to the Oyster Run.  Obviously they didnt know the area real well, because when we all got to Quilcene they stayed on the main road while we took the back way.  We reached Port Townsend and caught the ferry to Coupeville on Whidbey Island.

We rode up Whidbey Island to Deception Pass St Park.  Its only about 10 miles from Anacortes.  And we planned on making it an early ride in the morning.  We got there early enough that there was blocks of open parking, but within 30 minutes or so that had changed completely.

early at the Oyster Run

30 minutes later
The wind and threat of rain didnt keep too many people away, as downtown Anacortes was filled with bikes for ten or twelve blocks.  With every side street filled for a block with vendors.  There was a huge mix of stockers and dressers there, a good number of billet brage "choppers", crotch-rockets, and a few cool looking homemade chops and some trikes. 
Even after fighting the high winds on the way back home, I am still planning on going next year...but maybe I will stay over until monday.  So I can enjoy the full day of music and fun on sunday instead of riding home.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Heading to the Oyster Run

Well Hell...since I just got my 1st paycheck onlya few days before I had wanted to head out to make the Oyster Run in Anacortes, Washington...I figured, fuck it.  I'm gonna go, but knowing how boring the route up I-5 is...and knowing the roads in Western Washington well enough..I decided to head up north to Olympia, and then follow US 101 as it curved through the countryside, and along the miles of Hood Canal.  I"ll swing over to the town of Port Townsend, and catch the ferry to Whidbey Island.  From there, I'll putt to the state park at Deception Pass, and then on sunday morning jet the last 15 miles or so along the seaside road into downtown Anacortes.

I already reserved the campsite, and a couple friends are probably gonna roll with me.  Since this is the biggest run in the whole Pacific NW, I am hoping to get some sweet pics; meet some old friends, and make a few new ones.  I figure with the 25-30,000 bikes that show up every year, I ought to have some good pics, and some stories to tell of the trip and the day.

If you're up in the area this weekend, swing by, and maybe we can have an eyeball chat, or share the road for a spell.  Either way, it looks like it ought to be something to remember.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Question

I have a question that is driving me a bit buggy.  There seems to be an intermittent oil leak from my tranny.  As near as I can tell, it is from the vent tube.  But here is the thing; I can ride the hell out of her, and stop for an hour or so, and just have a small quarter sized spot (if any) on the ground, if I leave it for a day or two ( or if the weather has a sudden change)  I can go out and overnight there is about 4 to 6 ounces of 90wt on the ground.
About the only thing that I can figure is there is a pressure change, or build up over time as the outside temps rise and fall and the clouds roll in or out.  So when the pressure gets too great it forces a bunch of oil out of the tranny. 

So here is my question, does that make any sense?????????????

I cant think of any other reason why it would puke out 90 wt gear oil after NOT being ridden for a couple days.  I dont have that much hair left to pull it out over this.  So any ideas, I would greatly appreciate...cause I'm not coming up with anything else that makes sense.

See ya on the road...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Ride To Windy Ridge

Headed out for a ride up to Windy Ridge overlooking Spirit Lake and Mt St Helens yesterday.  It is one of the best roads around here for a bike...although at places the pavement is kind of shitty since it is closed by snow 1/2 the year or more.

I am always a bit leery or coming back down from Windy Ridge because in a lot of places there is no shoulder.  Just a several hundred foot drop down into the valley...and it always seemed to be at a place where the pavement was all fuckered up.

See ya on the road sometime.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Up And Running

After a frustrating couple weeks of trying to get too much different shit done at once, I finally got Gypsy up and running.  It seems that the mainshaft oil seal the shop sold me was the wrong one, and when we finally got all the other hassles out of the way when fixing the tranny I didnt notice that it didnt have a tight seal around the bushing.  Put it back in the back, and had almost everything together and buttoned up.  Then a partner put the 80 go 90 into the tranny, and it started flowing right out past the seal.  So it was a case of running it back to Brando's place the next friday and installing the right seal.  Everything is back together, and all I really need to do is adjust the clutch a bit better.  BUT there is one new little problem...It seems that once in a while now, Gypsy spits a couple of ounces of gear oil out of the blow by line in the tranny cover....not always, and at times I havent even ridden her when it does it....so still trying to figure that one out.  I went out the day after I took her for a ride, and no leak..the next day there was about 3-4 ounces on the ground under her.  So for now I carry an extra jug of 80 go 90 in the saddlebags.

Now on the job front, I now have TWO jobs...one that only pays $9 an hour and is kind of sporadic hourwise, and the other is 25 hours a week at almost $12 per hour.  I prefer the $12 driving job to the $9 security guard job anywya, so that one takes precedence...until something better comes along. 

I'll keep ya all posted, and I am working on a vid to post here next time of some of the roads to ride around here in the Pacific Northwet (no, I didn't make a typo...up until the beginning of July, thats what this pace has been this year.  lol)

Catch ya on the road sometime.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And so it goes

With a little tool building help from Brando at his place in Castle Rock, we got the gear set out of the tranny.  Thats when we found out the mainshaft 5th gear had a tooth broken in it, and a crack was developing.  No sign of the broken piece of spring except for some metal filings.  After looking around his garage and tearing into 2 other trannies we found a 5th gear to replace my broken one (I owe you big Brando) and put it all back together again.
I got the tranny home, and on sunday went to put it into the bike.  Thats when the Heli-coil threads around the drain plug decided to come out.  Talk about frustrating the shit out of me!  I tried a couple options with other plugs that just didnt do any good, so I had to order a new Heli-coil kit today.  The local auto parts didnt carry THAT particular one (go figure  lol).  If that doesnt work, I will probably need to order a new case.  Which means shit will be down for a while, because I just cant afford that at the moment.
So I am hoping to have the bike up and running by the end of the weekend.  (knock on wood)
As for some of the other things going on...
On saturday, during the Loggers Jubilee here in Morton, papers were taped on the front door saying I am offically in default on the mortgage.  I can clear it all up if I pay them almost $8,000 within 30 days.  Well, that ain't gona happen.  So in about a month, the house will go up for sale.
I just got word this morning, a hearing date has been set for my appeal on the unemployment issue.  Whether or not I was fired or quit.  The date is January 6, 2012.  Talk about the wheels of justice moving slowly...I best be back to work long before then.
Anyway, just going to keep on plugging away.  Sooner or later somethings gonna hook up.  Hopefully I wont keel over from shock when it does.  lol

Catch ya out on the road sometime...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

looks like I'll be wrenching on friday...

then working at the yard sale during the Morton Loggers Jubilee on saturday...hopefully will have the bike up in a few days...I am taking this as a sign that things are looking up...

I also had a job interview yesterday, so keeping my fingers crossed.

See ya on the road sometime...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tranny Issues

After going over the manuals, and talking to a few different wrenches I know, it seems I do need to pull the gearset out to make room to remove the sifter arm that the shift pawl is connected to.  That way I can replace the two springs I am having issues with.  So I am going to have to pull the drive pulley, and yes I need to remove the top tranny cover...(it is only on there to keep dust and bugs out) that way I can slip the shifter arm into the tranny without hitting the gears on the countershaft. 
I am just hoping I dont need to buy any bearings or bushings that I cant afford to get her back up and running.  Between working on Gypsy, looking for work, and trying to appeal my unemployment denial in Superior Court, I have been busier than a one legged ass kicker.  I am hoping to get something together before I lose the house completely...I just got notice last week I am in default on the mortgage.  So I wouldnt doubt if bankruptcy inst in the future.

See Ya on the road...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wont Be Long Now I Don't Think

Well, I pulled the primary and oil tank from the bike, and then popped off the cover on the top of the tranny.  It seems the shifter pawl spring, the bigger of the two, was broken.  I am trying to fix it without having to pull the entire gearset.  But I am having my doubts as to whether or not I'll be able to do it.  So I may end up having to sell some shit to come up with the cash for any seals and what not I might need.  Because cash is at a premium at the moment.
As most of you know, I havent been working since the end of November.  The wifes disability check has kept the lights and water, and phone bill paid, and that's about it.  Because I am still wrangling with unemployment over whether or not I was fired, I am not getting any unemployment money.  This past weekend, we got a letter from the mortgage company saying we were in default on the mortgage.  I was actually expecting it several months ago.
So basically, I am losing my home, and trying not to lose the bike.  So it is a good bet I may not be on here too much longer, unless something happens.  I desperately need to get back to work, and get somethings taken care of.
But, since I cant save the house, I am focussing on what I hopefully CAN do.  So I am working on the bike, and hoping I can keep it running so I have transportation back and forth to work when I find a job.  Because there just arent any around here.
I can see it wont be too long before shit hits the fan, and the world changes drastically.  I figure by then the wife will no longer live on "Da Nile".  She keeps talking about having get togethers over the holidays, and what not...and she is the one who knows what bills are paid and what aren't.  So I know it is just a front.
Anyway, going to get back out of here for now.  I'll keep you posted as to what is going on, when I know more.

See ya on the road sometime...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Ride To The "Dry Side"

Since my bike developed issues just two days before we were suppose to go on a week long ride to the "Dry Side" of Washington state, I had to borrow a Brothers bike.  It turned out the bars would work loose as I rode fighting the crosswinds, and by the second night it was straining my arthritic shoulder.  We finally put some cork between the bars and clamps to replace the other material we
had been using, and the bars didn't move nearly as much.  But the damage was done, and while fighting 50mph+ crosswinds it tore the muscles in my shoulder and I couldnt ride any farther.  The bike made it home, and so did I.  All in all, it was still a good ride, but next time I will take MY BIKE, not one I'm not used to riding...especially a solid wheeled, loose handlebarred bike in high crosswinds.  LOL

Anyway, here is a vid of the trip, and it was, as you can see a good ride.

Oh, and I think I have the issues with Gypsy figured out.  As soon as the parts come in, I will be replacing the shifter pawl springs.  I'll keep everyone posted on how it turns out.

See ya on the road sometime.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

2 Days Before A Week Long Run, And...

A few of us made about a 200 mile round trip down to Love's Leathers in Ridgefield, Wa.  They had a nice band on a wonderful day...but on the way home...my clutch went out. 

After a 120 mile run home (without being able to shift below 4th gear) we trailered it to a Brothers shop and put it on the lift.

The clutch plates were toast, and it turns out the compensating sprocket needed to be replaced.   Just what I needed to have happen before I go with some friends on a 4 or 5 day ride through eastern Washington state.  So what was I going to do?  No ride, and no cash to get her fixed...Thank God for Brothers.  My Brother Dave loaned me his Fat Boy for the few days of the ride.

Thanks Dave...I hope you understand how much it means to me.

See ya on the road sometime.