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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Up And Running

After a frustrating couple weeks of trying to get too much different shit done at once, I finally got Gypsy up and running.  It seems that the mainshaft oil seal the shop sold me was the wrong one, and when we finally got all the other hassles out of the way when fixing the tranny I didnt notice that it didnt have a tight seal around the bushing.  Put it back in the back, and had almost everything together and buttoned up.  Then a partner put the 80 go 90 into the tranny, and it started flowing right out past the seal.  So it was a case of running it back to Brando's place the next friday and installing the right seal.  Everything is back together, and all I really need to do is adjust the clutch a bit better.  BUT there is one new little problem...It seems that once in a while now, Gypsy spits a couple of ounces of gear oil out of the blow by line in the tranny cover....not always, and at times I havent even ridden her when it does it....so still trying to figure that one out.  I went out the day after I took her for a ride, and no leak..the next day there was about 3-4 ounces on the ground under her.  So for now I carry an extra jug of 80 go 90 in the saddlebags.

Now on the job front, I now have TWO jobs...one that only pays $9 an hour and is kind of sporadic hourwise, and the other is 25 hours a week at almost $12 per hour.  I prefer the $12 driving job to the $9 security guard job anywya, so that one takes precedence...until something better comes along. 

I'll keep ya all posted, and I am working on a vid to post here next time of some of the roads to ride around here in the Pacific Northwet (no, I didn't make a typo...up until the beginning of July, thats what this pace has been this year.  lol)

Catch ya on the road sometime.

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