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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And so it goes

With a little tool building help from Brando at his place in Castle Rock, we got the gear set out of the tranny.  Thats when we found out the mainshaft 5th gear had a tooth broken in it, and a crack was developing.  No sign of the broken piece of spring except for some metal filings.  After looking around his garage and tearing into 2 other trannies we found a 5th gear to replace my broken one (I owe you big Brando) and put it all back together again.
I got the tranny home, and on sunday went to put it into the bike.  Thats when the Heli-coil threads around the drain plug decided to come out.  Talk about frustrating the shit out of me!  I tried a couple options with other plugs that just didnt do any good, so I had to order a new Heli-coil kit today.  The local auto parts didnt carry THAT particular one (go figure  lol).  If that doesnt work, I will probably need to order a new case.  Which means shit will be down for a while, because I just cant afford that at the moment.
So I am hoping to have the bike up and running by the end of the weekend.  (knock on wood)
As for some of the other things going on...
On saturday, during the Loggers Jubilee here in Morton, papers were taped on the front door saying I am offically in default on the mortgage.  I can clear it all up if I pay them almost $8,000 within 30 days.  Well, that ain't gona happen.  So in about a month, the house will go up for sale.
I just got word this morning, a hearing date has been set for my appeal on the unemployment issue.  Whether or not I was fired or quit.  The date is January 6, 2012.  Talk about the wheels of justice moving slowly...I best be back to work long before then.
Anyway, just going to keep on plugging away.  Sooner or later somethings gonna hook up.  Hopefully I wont keel over from shock when it does.  lol

Catch ya out on the road sometime...

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