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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tranny Issues

After going over the manuals, and talking to a few different wrenches I know, it seems I do need to pull the gearset out to make room to remove the sifter arm that the shift pawl is connected to.  That way I can replace the two springs I am having issues with.  So I am going to have to pull the drive pulley, and yes I need to remove the top tranny cover...(it is only on there to keep dust and bugs out) that way I can slip the shifter arm into the tranny without hitting the gears on the countershaft. 
I am just hoping I dont need to buy any bearings or bushings that I cant afford to get her back up and running.  Between working on Gypsy, looking for work, and trying to appeal my unemployment denial in Superior Court, I have been busier than a one legged ass kicker.  I am hoping to get something together before I lose the house completely...I just got notice last week I am in default on the mortgage.  So I wouldnt doubt if bankruptcy inst in the future.

See Ya on the road...

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