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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flaw in the design?

Ok, I just have one question for the Harley engineers...why would you have the hole for the stud that attaches the transmission to the plate that mounts it to the bikes frame go all the way through the tranny case? 
Apparently, when I put the tranny back in the bike after replacing the 5th gear mainshaft, and mainshaft oil seal, I didnt use loctite on that one stud.  Somehow it backed out going down the road, and I lossed all my tranny gear oil.  Thank fucking God I was only on a very short couple mile putt and didnt screw up the tranny...or go down as the 90wt flowed out in front of the rear tire.

To top it all off, the damn mounting  stud had to be ordered, because non of the shops within an 8 hr roundtrip drive had the damn thing!!  I wasnt gonna waste a day, and about $100 in gas to run and get a $4 mounting stud.

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