8 Ball In The Wind

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gypsy In The House

I brought the bike into the front room yesterday so I can work on it in a warm room, and not out in the cold of my partially enclosed carport.  It does bug me a bit, that in order to hopefully repair the threads in one of the bottom tranny mounting stud holes, I have to remove the seat, the exhaust, battery, oil tank, outer primary cover, clutch and compensating sprocket, primary chain, starter, stator, inner primary, and the shocks.  What a pain in the ass to repair the threads in one hole.  What worries me is that it turns out I cant repair the threads...if thats the case, I am hoping to just put in a Heli-Coil, and call it good.  I dont have the cash to have an insert machined and put in place, and certainly cant afford another tranny case.
Also, over the next two weeks I have to get ready for my hearing in Superior Court, about whether I was entitled to unemployment or not until last summer.
Busy couple weeks ahead.  Oh well, thats life.

Catch ya on the road sometime....

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