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Friday, November 18, 2011

Not So Brief...Legal Brief

I asked my niece to help massage the info I needed for the legal brief I had to submit by the 22nd (yes, I know its this coming Tuesday) since she worked in a lawyers office.  It turns out, that due to rules specific to Thurston County, and evne more specific to which Judge it is going to, it has to be a specific font style and size.  The margins have to be such and such, and a whole list of other shit that has to be done just so it can be accepted.  She even told me there are Thurston County specific rules for how it has to be submitted.  A normal fucking person wouldnt know ANY of this shit, so guess how many pieces of paperwork dont get filed properly...I know mine wouldnt have been.  She even said she had to get the rules on paper so she could get the brief typed up properly, with everything the court says it needs to have on the page for documentation that it was submitted properly.  It figures, that Thurston County would be the one with so much stinking red tape and BS...it is where all the lawyers gather to make new laws...the State capitol is in Olympia, in Thurston County.  They wouldn't want a normal guy to be able to get anything "Legal" done without help...it sure explains why there are so few regular folks working cases in the legal system.  It is supposed to be done tonight, and emailed to me this weekend so I can print it up and deliver it it on monday (I had to take a day off work) to the court and the Asst. Attorney General who is reresenting the State in this.
Makes me want to punch something sometimes.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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  1. Cant tell I was a bit frustrated when I typed this...can ya? LOL