8 Ball In The Wind

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Too Short of a Ride

Went on what I was hoping to be a nice long ride yesterday.  Rode about 30 miles to meet up with some friends, and take them for a nice long ride in the mountains to breakin their new bike that  they picked up the night before after their old bike being totaled in a crash.  We stopped back here in Morton to top off everyones tanks, and headed out...for about 20 miles.  The voltage regulator on the bike crapped out, and just before we got in to Onalaska the bikes engine just quit at about 60.  I pulled in the clutch and dropped a gear, trying to bump start it...didn't do anything but bark the tire and slow me down.  My angel must have been with me, because it broke down 100 ft from a gas station and parking lot, instead of the middle of no where without even a shoulder.

Gypsy should be back up and running today...if things all work out.

See ya on the road.

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