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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I finished the new exhaust on the bike

Pulled the pipes after a 35 mile run...they were just a bit warm
I got tired of dragging my fishtails everytime I went into a hard tight right turn.  Especially after I ground off about 1/2 inch of one fishtail, and then had a big chuck fall off from metal fatigue.  So over a couple of saturdays we dialed in a new exhaust system from old pipes, and tried it out.  The first time I didnt even make it out of the driveway before I started dragging...back to the drawing boards.
good idea....bad execution
So we cut of the turn-outs and called it a day...It was time to ride.

fisrt attempt...it worked....sort of

But after a week or so, I realized I was STILL dragging the one pipe in tight corners.  Another afternoon in the shop, and a new design for the pipes came about.  This time, the pipes are just above the bottom of the frame, and run around the front of the tranny/kicker and side by side.

No dragging pipes now.  A few days later, I finished the job by spraying high temp black paint.  It looks, and works much better now.  I need to do a little cleaning to just get things to look a bit better.  With the fresh paint on the pipes, it shows off the road grime on the frame.  I am not a big one for shiney chrome and clean paint...I would rather ride than wash and polish.
pipes are done...and they work
High Temp Black....looks and work great
Speaking of which, I need to go get the bike ready for a Memorial Ride for an old friend and fellow rider who died of a stroke at the age of 48.  Making a 4 hour run circling Mt Rainier on sunday...will post pics when I get them.

Catch you all on the road.

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