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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vintage Bikes In Elbe

As part of a three day event co-sponsored by the Lemay Auto Museum and the Ace Cafe in London (yeah THAT Ace Cafe), there was a "Run To Rainier" today.  They only made it to Elbe (about 15 or so miles short of Mt Rainier Nat'l Park, but close enough).  Since I was hoping to see some old iron I wrangled a few people together at the last minute and headed on up to Elbe.

Of course, we waited, and waited.  By the time everyone was questioning if they had cancelled the run, or taken a different route or wondering if it was time to go home, they finally arrived.  Not as I had hoped, in one large group, but in several smaller groups.  Still it was all good, and everyone was enjoying checking out the bikes as they came in.  Especially me, as I saw the old Norton above roll in.  That made my day.

As I was checking out the Norton, and taking a couple of pics of it I happened to notice another guy taking photos.  I looked closer, and realized it was the famous Michael Lichter.  So I went over, shook his hand and welcomed him to the area.  Sonn some more bikes were rolling in and it was time to check them out.

When we finally were getting ready to roll out, Dave and Kayla began to roll towards the road and past Michael Lichter.  Who immediately began taking a bunch of pics of the Springer Softail they were riding.  Dave shut off the bike because his exhaust was blowing up dust.  When the pics were done Dave rolled back on the throttle and headed out.  I was right behind him.  Since I was just riding my Gypsy Rose I was totally surprised when Michael Lichter began taking pics of us.  So I did the same thing and sat there until he was done taking pics.  The Norton had made my day, but having Michael Lichter take pics of me and my wife Robin on my bike REALLY made my day!!

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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