8 Ball In The Wind

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I've been down sick with the lung crud for the past week or so.  I finally start feeling a little bit better, and the weather turns beautiful.  Warm, sunny, bikes EVERYWHERE...
I can't go riding yet.  I ain't over this shit yet, and I'm not going to risk getting sick all over agai, and missing another week of work, just for a ride.  I don't care how spectacular I'll feel after.  Or how beautiful the world will seem.  I am at that point where I have only been feeling half human for the last day.  I KNOW if I went riding, I'd end up feeling like shit again.  It just ain't worth it.  Not for just a little putt.  Not when I have to be in Monroe for the swap meet next weekend.  I can't afford to risk it.  Not if I want a CHANCE of getting my Frankenbike any closer to being up.
If I felt equal to my desire to ride, I would be gone...But, I don't feel half as good as I want to ride.  I'm still coughing up gobs of shit from my lungs.  So just going to play it safe, and take care of myself.  I may go batshit, but I can deal with that.  I'll just take a really COOL RIDE when I feel better, and blow all the bats from my belfry.
It's just fucked...went to this months A.B.A.T.E. meeting down the street.  Virtually EVERYBODY rode their bikes, and it was the biggest turn-out in a couple of months.  I wanted to ride, soooo-flipping-bad as I watched them all fire up the bikes and ride away after the meeting.  Sooon enough...I'll be over this shit, and more than ready to ride.

Catch ya on the road sometime...(just probably not this week.)

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