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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The REBELS MC In Australia May Show Future For America

We need only to look at the situation in Australia today to see what could become of the motorcycle community in the US in the future.  It was originally only Queensland that was enforcing, and even escalating Australias anti-Club, anti biker laws, "anti-association" laws.  But now its neighbor to the south, New South Wales has begun to enforce the laws against the free association of individuals.  Even though they are touted as "anti biker" laws, they are laws against "associating" with anyone who has been charged with a serious criminal offense.  The way they are being enforced in Queensland makes it unlawful for family members to publicly spend time together if one has a criminal record.

This week, a news report states that the Rebels Motorcycle Club, an Australian branch of the American Club by the same name, is having their national run in Sydney.  The New South Wales (NSW) police have already put the word out that if the members from Western Australia (WA) cross the border into NSW, they risk being arrested under these "anti-association" laws.  The penalty is a three year jail term.  For being the member of a group the government doesnt't like, and freely associating wiht other members of the same association.  It's not guily BY association...it is guilt OF association.

The Australian government is already doing, to some extent, what the US government is trying to do in its case against the Mongols Nation in California.  I hope wholeheartedly that people in both countries see how heinous these laws are.  As well as the lengths some people will go to exploit the power the government tries to use against its people.  I support the efforts of the Mongols Nation here in the US in their fight against the ATF, and also wish to express my support for the Rebels MC in Australia as they no doubt will enjoy their national run.  Regardless of the hostile law enforcement arrayed against them.  During the Rebels last national run in Perth, nearly 1,000 Club members came to town.  With no major problems reported.  Misinformation, and exploited fear used by law enforcement can threaten the civil rights of peoples around the world.  In Australia today, and maybe in the US tomorrow.

To the Rebels MC members, where ever you ride.  Keep on riding, and fight for your rights.  You have my respect.

Catch you on the road sometime...

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