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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Its A Rights Fight

We are currently in a fight with the government.  This isn't an armed struggle, but one of civil power against government power.  One that in the end will bring us together to seize our right to exercise our personal freedoms once more.  It does no good to gather on the steps of the capitol and ask for our rights.  We have our rights.  It is the government that is preventing us from exercising those rights.  In this fight, we have to get them to realize we aren't going to surrender and go quietly into the night. We are going to keep coming back, and not giving up.  We will not cower down, and kow-tow to the governments power.

That is why we have come back year after year fighting for the same thing.  Even though others question our sanity in not giving up the fight.  Asking why we don't take on easier struggles, and give up on the hard fight.  Because if we ever did give up and quit, we would never make any meaningful gains again.  To give up the good fight, and take the easy way out, we would never truly be strong enough again to fight for what we truly need.

We would be little more than sheep, being content with what we are allowed to have.  No longer really trying to get what we should have.  Not even really caring before too long.  That is where the real loss lies.  Once we lose the freedom to exercise our rights, we may never get them back.  You don't get rights from the government.  Even the Founding Fathers knew that; "...Certain unalienable rights endowed by their Creator..."  Rights are bestowed upon man by his Creator.  However you, as an individual see that Creator, that is where your Rights come from.  The government has, if not controlled by the people, the power to prevent its citizens from exercising the rights they were endowed with.  But the government does not give Rights to its citizens.

That is why we must never give up the fight.  Even if it seems useless, or impossible.  Only by giving up does it truly become impossible.  As you fight, you struggle to be free of the shackles the government tries to control you with.  But when you give up, and quit fighting, the shackles of control are locked upon you.  Then they become even more difficult to be free from.

Think about that.  Then maybe you will realize why we continue to struggle and fight for every Right we have.  To protect them from being restricted, and fighting to regain those we are being prevented from exercising.

Catch you on the road sometime...

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