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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Spring Opener 2015

The 37th Annual ABATE of Washington Spring Opener is now in the history books.  With great weather almost all weekend, it was a blast to remember.    Even dealing with a couple of bikes that were having issues, all in all it was a good time.  North Kitsap Chapter did an outstanding job with the bike show.  Even though I won 1st place in the Rat Bike class, I'm not at all biased.  Two of our local ABATE chapter members also cam in 2nd place in each of their classes.

Tacoma Chapter hosted the bike games, which were both fun and exciting.  The brought in several different games this year.  All of them were a kick to watch.  Even the slow races were exciting, as Coski won showing some true skill keeping that old Shovel from moving even after the competition had already lost out..

The music was as good as usual.  With Hells Belles rocking the bowl Saturday night.  The bottom of the bowl was filled with dancers, as the sides we filled with spectators enjoying the show.  After they finished rocking out, the raffles took place.  Someone named Jean in Vancouver won the 2015 Street Glide Special, and the two Ruger .45's went to another member of Elk Country who only bought one ticket.

It was a good time for sure.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
The "Shot Ski"

Olympia Chapter meets the "Shot Ski"
BSA 250
Shovelhead Chopper
custom Sportster
1997 Wide Glide
Gypsy Rose in the Bike Show

(Left to Right)  T 2nd place Rat Class, 8 Ball 1st Place Rat Class, Jim 2nd Place Touring Class.
Ping Pong Ball Drop
Keg Roll
Hot Dog Bite
Hells Belles rocking the house!!
Maybe we'll see you at the 38th Annual ABATE of Washington Spring Opener.  i know i am already planning on being there.

Catch you on the road sometime...

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