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Friday, July 10, 2015

Propaganda In Waco Being Mirrored In Washington?

It has been seven weeks since the tragic deaths in Waco.  Yet people are still sitting in jail on trumped up bonds of $1 million dollars each.  The charges of 'participating in organized crime' based on a generic 'fill-in- the name' warrant with no probable cause to base it upon.  Beyond of course the fact that those arrested were all present at the scene of a tragic shooting.  A shooting where; beyond the fact that almost half the victims were shot by police, the Waco PD have only released contradictory and inflammatory comments regarding the shootings.  The City of Waco, and McLennon County have fought to keep video from inside the Twin Peaks restaurant from being used in bail reduction hearings for those who have been incarcerated for seven weeks now.  Due Process was thrown out of Waco in this instance.

The mainstream media had barely even made note of the fact that Waco PD, acknowledged at least 4 of the 9 shooting victims were killed by police.  Or that the Waco PD barricaded the local Harley Dealership for several days following the tragedy.  Even though it was over a half mile away from the scene of the shooting.  Little is mentioned of the fact that Waco PD released word for all motorcyclists to stay off the streets in Waco for their own safety.  Because police are "unable to tell between law abiding motorcyclists and those intent on criminality."  Was that really the case, or was it they didn't care to make the differentiation?

From reports that have been released since the shootings.  It is becoming more and more clear that law enforcement in Waco, and McLennon County, paint all motorcyclists with the same broad brush.  It appears that they perceive all motorcyclists as criminals of the lowest kind.  Seeing only their twisted vision of criminality on two wheels.  There is no room for divergence from their paradigm of motorcyclists being criminals and "gang members".  Why else would the City of Waco fight against a subpoena demanding the release of the internal video recordings from Twin Peaks restaurant?  The video does not show the parking lot, or what transpired there.  But it does show individuals inside the restaurant not taking any part in the violence in the parking lot.  The video is reported by Associated Press reporters to show the opposite.  People moving away from the front of the restaurant and taking cover in the bathroom and kitchen.  The very opposite of how Waco PD first described the incident starting.  But, not surprisingly, the main stream media have deemed to play down that fact.

Now the Fox channel in Seattle has broadcast a report on the biggest "biker gang" in the state.  Connecting the Waco tragedy to the Bandidos here in Washington.  With repeated, but vague references to the shootings in Waco, and 9 dead, the report makes it appear all the dead were at the hands of the club members at Twin Peaks.  The report attempts, in the reporters view it appears, to be a balanced report.  Although repeated references to "biker gangs", and relying on the words of a "gang detective" in silhouette to give credence to the threat of the Clubs here in Washington.  Feeding the reporter the same tired old lines about the violence of "biker gangs", and how retribution for Waco will come.  The same fear mongering that led to the denial of Due Process in Waco, is apparent here.

Here is the video report from Fox's Q-13 in Seattle.  Watch it, and decide for yourself if this is further fear mongering, or just a lackadaisical effort of reporting.

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