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Thursday, July 21, 2016

An Example of Lane Splitting

When we talk about lane splitting here in Washington State, the following clip demonstrates what we are talking about.  As you will see, there is plenty of room between lanes for the motorcycle to pass between.  The revving of the riders motor serves a couple of purposes.  One, he is alerting people outside of their vehicles to his presence, and also he is helping his motor not to "load up" with fuel.  There isn't any real excessive speed used.  While this video is a bit long; it does demonstrate quite well just how much room there is between lanes, and how easily a motorcyclist can utilize a portion of that space with just a little common sense and skill.

As you watch this video, think of how much less congested traffic could be if all the motorcycles seen in the video were not also parked in traffic.  But instead were moving between the lanes, and making room for other vehicles to move forward as well.  Also note, although it is a moot point in this video; that if there had been a collision between the motorcycle and any of the numerous vehicles being passed they would have been glancing, "sideswipe" blows, and not the much more severe direct impacts of either being rear ended or rear ending another vehicle.  

Catch you on the road sometime...

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