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Friday, December 9, 2016

Black Thursday Legislative Rally

On January 19th, 2017 ABATE of Washington will be holding their annual legislative rally "Black Thursday".As always, it will take place at the Capitol Building in Olympia.  Black Thursday is the biggest legislative event for the motorcycle community in Washington state.  If you support the fight for motorcyclists to regain our liberty to exercise our rights to choose whether or not, and when or when not to wear a helmet, come to Black Thursday.  If you support the traffic congestion relief effect of motorcyclists to be able to ride between lanes of traffic in slow or stationary traffic, come to Black Thursday.  Even if you are only vaguely aware of the legislation that has been passed in previous years thanks mainly to the efforts of ABATE of Washington, and other members of the motorcycle community, come to Black Thursday and be a part of something extraordinary.

What are some of the laws that have been enacted due to the efforts of the motorcycling community in Washington state?  Ever been caught at a traffic light that didn't detect your bike?  In 2014, the Governor signed the law that made it legal to go through that light after one cycle if it didn't detect your bike, and it was safe to do so.  That bill would hardly have had the impetus that it did to make it into law if it wasn't for the motorcycling community coming together in a show of unity at Black Thursday.  ABATE led the fight to make it legal for a motorcycle to pass a bicycle in the same lane, and again it was the community support shown at Black Thursday that helped gain legislative support for the bill.

In 2012, ABATE also supported the COC in it's successful efforts to get first of its kind legislation passed in the form of the United States first Motorcycle Anti-Profiling Law.  Which has had the effect of reducing pretextual stops of motorcyclists in Washington state by 90%.

Do you ride a bike with "apehanger"handle bars?  ABATE successfully led the fight to raise the handlebar height in Washington.  Have you "modified" your motorcycle by adding non-stock parts onto it?  Then you can thank ABATE of Washington for not getting a ticket for doing so.  These are just a few of the laws that ABATE of Washington has fought to get passed, and more importantly in some cases, have helped to prevent from getting passed.

How can you be a part of keep Washington State's motorcycling community free?  Come to Black Thursday and join in the fight to preserve the "Freedom Of The Road", and our rights to ride.  Join ABATE, as we gather on the steps of the Capitol and let our voices be heard.  Then we meet with legislators and discuss our issues, and work to reach our goals of passing more effective legislation to protect the Rights of motorcyclists in the State of Washington.  So come join ABATE of Washington and the rest of the motorcycling community as we rally for our Rights in Olympia on January 19th, 2017.  Black Thursday.

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