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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bikers Protest In Support Of Lane Sharing BIll

On Friday, March 17th, bikers from across the state endured the cold and rainy weather and journeyed to Olympia to protest the decision not to hold a hearing on SSB5378 (The Lane Sharing Bill).  In just over two days, the protest went from an idea to being implemented.  Gathering around the circle around the sundial between the House and Senate offices, bikers peacefully showed their support for a hearing.  The threatening rain held off, and local television new media (KIRO 7 & KING 5) were there to cover the protest.

With the State Deputy Coordinator for ABATE of Washington and myself initiating the speeches, several other riders soon joined in to add their voice in support.  While the protest was a success as far as bringing in a wide range of motorcyclists using social media; it did not have the desired effect.  As the House Transportation Committee and its Chair still did not support the bill enough to call a hearing.

With the cut-off date for it to pass out of committee now only days away, the fight will have to move on to the interim period.  Using that time to educate legislators on the effect of the bill, and the safety benefits of lane sharing.  It's going to continue to be an uphill fight, but we are making progress.

Catch you on the road sometime...

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