8 Ball In The Wind

Monday, March 7, 2011

sometimes ya just gotta ride

T's Bike after he removed the tarp covering it

The night before last we (T & Dave & I) put the rear master cylinder on my 91 softail custom, then adjusted the clutch, and made sure she was all set to hit the road.  While I was buttoning up the bike, we decided if we could get all our bikes dug out of the snow we'd go for a ride.  Well we all dug paths out to the road so we could ride, and made a cold (but fun) run out and did a little small town bar hopping. 

The Bucksnort Pub

Thats mostly one bar per town. So we had to hop towns.  Finally made it back to Morton, and partied at the Bucksnort Pub before I finally headed home. 

T riding in

I tell you what, it was a piece of cake for T to ride down the alley in the snow yesterday...but I did it the night before half blasted...hey, when you just have to ride it doesnt matter what the weather is like.

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