8 Ball In The Wind

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Brother, I need you..."

Those four words would bring everything else to a halt.  That was a phrase I am proud to say I never failed to respond to.  But it is also one I always hated to hear.  Now don't get me wrong, I hated to hear it, because that meant someone was in trouble.  The fact that it usually ended up with ME getting into shit one way or another, didnt really matter.  I couldn't count the times plans had been dropped instantly, or put on hold.  Usually it was just to go on a minor rescue mission, but once in a while...

I am sad to say that all of the "Brothers" from those days are all long dead.  A few of the close friends, who I now consider "Brothers" are still around, and there are even a few new ones.  But the facts are that the times I have heard those words are becoming few and far between.  Which I hope is a sign that thigns are getting better.  Or maybe it is just that there just is only one or two people that know I will be there if needed.

I hope that everyone reading this, has had both the pleasure and the shit, that comes with those words.  Because that means you have had a life shared with people who knew you were there to cover their back when the feces impacts the rotary oscillating blades.  And, vice versa...

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