8 Ball In The Wind

Monday, February 7, 2011


Last friday I had a job interview in Chehalis on the other end of the county.  Since I somehow got there almost 40 minutes early, I headed down the road a few blocks to see if The Horse was on the shelf at Wal-Mart yet.  There are only two places I have found here in Lewis County where I can get it.  And since both are at least a half hour from home, and I can't afford to waste the gas, I only get out that way when I can.  Anyway, when I got into Wal-Mart, there it was.  I snagged it and headed for the check out counter.  While waiting in the line...Why the hell is it, when Wal-Mart has 35+ registers do they only keep a couple of them open?...I noticed that the pics of my riding partner T and his daughter were in the magazine.  Damn the timing, she had just come up on leave for a visit, and left two days before.  I didn't have time to make it back to buy another copy, so I knew I would be back after the job interview to snag a copy for T.  When I finally made it back to Morton, he wasn't home but I left the mag for him.
The next day I was out in the garge screwing around with the bike, and checked the battery.  It needed a bit of a charge, so I hooked it to the charger for a few mins and then fired her up.  As she sat there slowly warming up in the 40 degree air, I figured fuck it, lets go see what T thought about his pics in the magazine.  I walked back into the house, grabbed my leather jacket and a hoodie, and that damn coconut they make me wear and headed off to his place.
As I pulled up into his driveway, I saw his bike pulled out front, and he was just stepping out his door to come over to my place!  Two great minds with a single thought and all that shit.  Well, we went for a short putt, stopped at the Bucksnort Pub for a quick one before hitting the road, and decided we'd go to Mossyrock.  That plan lasted until we got to the stop sign at the corner.  Instead of turning right to head towards Mossyrock, we just looked at each other and turned right, and headed up over The Divide towards Mineral. 
T was so touched by having the pics of him and his daughter in the magazine, that after we got back home to my place that night, he had me send Englishman an email thanking him for putting the pics in the mag, and telling him how much they meant to both him and his daughter.
I sent her the pic posted here on the top of the blog in an email, and she immediately replied wanting to know where she could get a copy so she could take it with her when she deploys again in a few months.
I had completely forgotten even sending in the pics when Englishman had posted asking for some on Back Talk awhile back.  Over the years I have submitted articles, pictures, and other stuff to different magazines but never had any of it make it.  This makes the 2nd time I ahve submitted something to The Horse, and had it published.  Just another reason it has become the only mag I go out of my way to buy every new issue.  Anyway, it is late, and I am rambling, so I am going to head off to bed. 
Have a good one, and I hope to catch you on the road sometime.


  1. I saw those pics. You did good giving your friends something cool to share. They were cool pics too ;-) The Horse and Cycle Source are the 2 mags I will go out of my way for. Both are run by great folks.

  2. thanks Jeff, I appreciate it. and I'll have to scope out Cycle Source, I don't think I've ever seen it