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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Don't Fuck With Family

Well, I got word that the Judge actually sided with me in the hearing a week ago.  She decided I had been fired, and has set aside the states decision to withhold my unemployment.  Which I am happy about.  I guess the asswipes 30 minutes of stating his position, double talking and contradicting himself, and all his bullshit documentation that he tried to submit as evidence didn't obscure the truth.  That, or my 5 minutes of making my point, asking only two direct questions, and quickly answering any question the judge asked me without pausing and having to think about or refer to something seemed more logical.  I'm not sure, and I don't really care.
What I do care about, is that the lowlife tried to submit documents as evidence against me that not only had nothing to do with whether or not I was fired at the end of November; but that were from July, and were from the confidential assistance files of my wife AND stepson.  This smeghead, used his position as executive director of the local community services organization to go on a fishing expedition through their confidential files.  The documents he tried to have put into evidence had everything from my wifes; name, date of birth, address, social security number, phone number, the amount she gets in disability from social security, on them.  The ones from my stepsons file had some of his information, but still was mostly focussed on my wifes info.  Luckily, I objected to them as being both irrelevent, and Privacy Act violations, and the Judge didn't accept them into evidence.  Even though the dimwit tried to object to my objection, after the Judge ruled against accepting them as evidence.
A man doesn't let someone fuck with his family, and not do something about it.  He isn't going to walk away clean.  I intend to use his own arrogance, and powertripping mentality to fuck himself up.
I am too busy right now trying to get back to work and keep my house , and bike, and the rest of my life together, to truly go after this scum sucker like he deserves. 
But I am not so busy as to keep the pressure on him for trying to release the material in the first place.  So I have contacted all the local newspapers with the story, as well as all the major TV stations.  The bad publicity will not help his ego, and his board of directors won't like the fact he is drawing all this bad press down on their little community organization.  I am also going to start to add more direct pressure by parking my bike directly in front of their front door with protest signs stating what he did with the confidential documents. 
I will park the bike there, and walk away.  That way it looks like the bike is unattended.  But, I think we all know better than that, right?  I've already talked to a couple people, and we're going to have them
parked within sight of the bike, and with cameras in the car. 
That will leave him with the choice of leaving the signs stating he released clients confidential records in plain sight for his other clients to read, or try to do something to remove the signs.  As soon as he so much as touches the bike, or tries to remove the signs (which will be zip tied to the bike), he will be photographed doing so.  Then I will return to my bike, and call the police, and the newspaper down the street.
As much as I would love to just dropkick this nimrod, I'll let the legal system do what it is supposed to.  I won't start a fight, but I will defend myself.  If he tries blocking all the parking spaces in front of his office, protestors walking the sidewalk holding signs will appear.
The wife has an appointment with an attorney, and she will apply pressure in that direction.  Sooner or later this Yahoo will lose his cool, and either do or say something that will screw his pooch completely.  He has fucked with the wrong person, and I will use any legal means open to me to see he doesn't get away with it.  He expects me to come after him, I am sure, but I seriously doubt he thinks it will be something legal, so that is the route I am going.
It's not as fun as the old ways, but maybe, just maybe, it will be almost as satisfying.
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  1. Give the bastard Hell! I hope he gets EVERYTHING he deserves!