8 Ball In The Wind

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lightning In The Sky

Took a little ride with my brother Ed up to see some friends.  While we were sitting there visiting in the sunshine, we heard thunder begin rolling closer and closer.  By the time we headed out, the clouds were so black they were almost blue, and you could smell the ozone from the lightning.

We hit the highway and hit the wick.  Getting a good lead on the weather we left it behind us as we rolled back down the divide and into the mostly sunny skies around home.  Since I knew family was going to be camping down at the property on the river, we headed off that way and spent about 20-30 minutes visiting.  Suddenly the wind picked up, and the clouds darkened.  Rumbling could be heard, and then a bright flash shot across the sky.The weather was catching up with us.  So we jumped back onto the bikes and rode the last 5 minutes back to the house.  Right into the thunder shower.

The rain hit first.  Then it was the hail, as we rounded the corner and headed into town.  Then across the clouds above us, a bright finger of lightning flicked across the sky.  By the time we rolled into the garage, the fast moving storm had for the most part passed over, but the rain kept coming down.

After about 30 minutes, the sun was back out, and the skies were mostly blue.  It had been a nice ride through the Cascade foothills, and racing the spring thunderstorms is always a good way to blow the cobwebs out of your mind.  It's just hard to watch the road and lightning at the same time.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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