8 Ball In The Wind

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Even A Wet Ride Can Be A Good Ride...

T, Gary, and I left Morton about 9am this morning for a run into Centralia.  The rain had been off and on all night, but it was definitely ON when we left.  After crossing over Peterman Hill, a group of 20-30 bikes passed us going the other way.  No idea who they were, but it was good to see we werent the only crazies out on this wet morning.  We got to Centralia, did what we had to do, and headed back.  Yeah, we got soaked before we were even half way there.  Even wearing rain gear didn't seem to help.  But it was still a good ride.
As we rolled back into Morton after about 6 hrs, guess what?  You got it, the sun broke through the clouds, and I was almost blinded by its sudden reflection off my handlebars and chrome dash.  Even a wet ride like today, when it is with good friends, and riding partners can be a really enjoyable ride.  
Any ride is better than not riding...I just hope I never live long enough to see the day that isnt the truth anymore.

Catch you on the road sometime...


  1. We're planning on going to Sisters next weekend. Yesterday the 10 forecast looked great, today it said 60% rain here, but Sisters is supposed to be great. I say rain gear and go for it!

    1. Sounds like a plan...even with rain gear yesterday I got soaked...but I have a family thing next weekend out on the river property down the valley aways...so either way I think I'll be getting ready to get wet...but hoping I wont.

      Have a blast down at Sisters! I know there is some great riding down there!1