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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pat's Chopster Project

My friend Pat has wanted a Sportster chopper since he was a kid.  One day he mentioned that fact to me, and I told him I just happened to know where a basket case dual plug Screaming Eagle Sporty chop was for sale.  I arranged a meeting between Pat and Slo Mo who had the basket case.  The got together, and worked out a tentative trade for a jeep that Pat had.  After seeing the jeep, Slo Mo made the trade.  He sold the jeep before he even got it home to his place.  So he was happy with the trade, and as Pat began to acquire some additional parts and put it together as a mock-up, he was pleased with the deal as well.

With a 2" over front end he made a trade with Brando for, and the 21" front Dunlop tire, it was beginning to take shape.  A spun rear fender from Low Brow Customs sits nicely on the back tire.  Pat is going to bob the rear fender for a nice clean look, and from talking with hi it will look sweet as Hell.  With a few other items from Low Brow, and a new wiring harness that Pat will build himself it'll be ready to fire up in a month or so.  Pat wants to replace the fuel tank with a late 90's vintage Sporty peanut tank.  Then he is going to build the oil tank and battery box himself.

Then Pat will pull everything out of the frame and paint it.  Another friend of Pat's is going to machine him some brass footpegs.  With a new sissy bar and rear caliper mount that Pat is going to fabricate he'll be just about ready to put her on the road.

He used 3 sets of old exhaust he had around to make up the bends he wanted for his exhaust. Pat's going to run mid controls, and one of the things he is considering getting from Low Brow is a seat pan. He'll cushion and cover it himself, and then Pat wants to tattoo the seat with his own design.

This Sporty is a 94" motor with all Screaming Eagle internals, jugs, and dual plug heads.  The coils that came with the basket case were Dyna Tek racing coils.  So it gives you an idea of how hot this motor was set up to be.  Pat's going to replace the racing coils with more streetable and roadworthy ones from Dyna Tek.  This Sporty will be a real ground shaker when he gets her finished.  I'll keep you all updated as things progress.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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