8 Ball In The Wind

Sunday, December 8, 2013


I really don't have a good excuse for not being as active on here over the past few weeks as I should.  Life has begun to get into something of a rut, and I just havent really been able to do much to bounce out of it.  Maybe I could blame it on the weather being so cold, the coldest in fifteen years they are saying.  But that's not really it.  Not really.  I just havent been able to get out and do much riding.  That's when I do my best thinking, and with the weather the way it's been the past couple of weeks I just haven't felt like going for a ride.  Outside of the last run we made up to Uncle Sam's and came home after dark in 35 degree temps, which damn near gave me freezer burn with the windchill, I havent done more than a handful of miles anywhere.  With the high temps hovering at or below freezing, I just havent had the desire to go out and freeze my hands off.

So, besides while I am at work driving the bus, I havent gotten any real road time.  Although, I have had some good ideas to write about while driving the bus, I cant pull over and write down notes so I'll remember what to write about later.

For now, that's my story.  My excuse, or whatever you want to call it.  But I am bouncing around an idea for something to write about now, that hasn't quite formed fully into even a concept.  More just a few images and a statement that connects them.  If I can get something a little bit more together I'll post it on here.

Until it thaws out a bit, I won't be catching anyone on the road...so just catch you around...

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