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Friday, November 29, 2013

An Explosive Idea

It seems everyone I speak to about this idea I have for Frankenbikes oil tank, seems to think I am going to blow myself up.  As the Ol' Boy once said; "I may be crazy, but I'm not totally fucking nuts!!"

I'm making sure the Propane is well and truly drained from the canisters before I do anything else to them.  I am well aware of their explosive abilities.  When I was a little more nuts (back when I was young and immortal) I used to try to blow them up.  And succeeded quite well, thank you very much!!

Well, today I figured I'd give my little concept the test.  I strapped one of the canisters down and started cutting the top off.  Got about two thirds of the way through, and snapped my last metal saw blade.  There is a phrase from an old B Movie called 'Moontrap' I try to live by...."Don't take shit from no machine."  Well, I wasn't goig to let this little canister get the better of me, so I ran down to the hardware store and bought some new sawzall blades and got back to business.

Once the other canister is fully drained, I'll cut the top off that at the seam, and then take it over to a buddy's place to get it welded together, and get a filler tube fabbed up for it.  Then I'll drill holes for the oil lines to connect to.  I think it'll be a cool little oil tank, and there shouldn't be too many like it around, so that'll be cool.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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