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Monday, November 25, 2013

Something Out Of Nothing At All

I was packing some camping gear away, and getting it ready for storage over the winter.  Going through everything with the Ironhead roller there in the room with me, I had a small epiphany.  I was holding two 16 oz propane canisters for campstoves, or lanterns in my hands.  With the tops cut off, and welded back together end to end, it would make a nice little oil tank for the Ironhead.

I think it can be done once I make absolutely sure all the lPG has been drained out of it.  It would really ruin my day to have one of these canister ignite as I tried to cut the top off.  Whether it went boom, or just shot across my shed, either way it could be a bad scene.  So making sure all the LPG is out is a top priority.  I figure it will have a unique design, because of what the oil tank is made of, and will have a cool look to it as well.  Plus, since I already have a few canisters, it will only cost me for the bungs and the dipstick tube.  Definitely beats paying out over $100 for a premade round oil tank.

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