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Friday, February 7, 2014

It's A Might Crisp Out There

It has been really beautiful and sunny, but majorly chilly the past few days.  Lows down to the single digits, with 30-40 mph winds.  Then, late yesterday afternoon, the clouds began spiiting out a fine, frozen powdery snow.  Almost to the point that you had to really look at tiems to see it coming down.  But as you drove along the road, it became clearly visible blowing in waves across the highway.  It hadn't gotten above freezing for a couple of days even though it had been clear and without rain.  There was still ice in places, and the snow slowly gathering and blowing across the road didn't make things any better.  I made it home with no trouble from work.  Although out on the freeway several multiple vehicle accidents had traffic stalled for hours.  

By dark, there was a mere half inch on the ground, but the wind kept howling and blowing it from the roof in clouds that made it difficult to see out the windows.  We only got maybe four inches over night.  But it is that fine powdery, frozen snow that blows everywhere.  When I go up this morning, the wind had calmed down, and the clouds were thinning.  So I decided I'd head out and take some photographs of the area around here.

I took a few really nice photos this afternoon.  It amazed me how completely frozen some streams had been.  Including a few waterfalls coming down off the hills.  In perhaps a weeks time, they have completely frozen over.  It truly was an amazing sight.

But I think the sight that blew me away the most was the one that greated me in my own car port.  In the 9 years I have lived here, snow has never covered the inside of my car port.  Last night, it not only covered the slab in the car prot, but it covered the bike as well.  I was surprised and amazed at how much that fine, frozen crap had spread all over.

I am going to be bringing her into the front room soon for a tear down of her top-end.  So I'm not too bothered by her getting snowed on, but just surprised.  The ol' girl will get a good cleaning too before she rolls back out of the front room.  So I'll make it up to her.  I'm hoping the weather reports are right, and it will warm up in a couple days, and all this will trun to rain.  Then maybe a couple days of sunshine to ride in.  Until then...

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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