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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Still Chugging Along

I've been busy dealing with a screwed up back, the wifes car breaking down, trying to beg borrow or steal a ride to work.  But I still found a minute of two to sketch up the basic layout of what I have in mind for Frankenbikes brake system.  No hand brake, just the foot brake running both front and rear brakes.

I drew this up today shortly before I walked over to the Dr.'s office to get my back checked out.  I laid it out as a schematic, so it wouldn't make any real difference which side of the bike the brake pedal is on.

The pedal pushes the plunger into the master cylinder, the fluid comes out under pressure and hit the 'Tee'.  The fluid going to the dual discs on the front forks gets the majority of the pressure.  The fluid going to the single disc on the back wheel has to go through an adjustable proportioning valve first.  That should keep the back end from locking up if I hit the brakes hard.  Being adjustable, I should be able to get it set-up pretty damn close to perfect without a whole lot of trouble.

It's been a long and painful week.  The wifes car broke down at the drug store 3 blocks away from home when I went in to get the prescription for muscle relaxers the Doc gave me for my back.  I've been fighting the car, my back, and still trying not to spend too much money so I have a shot at buying what I need to get Frankenbike moving forward.  Besides that, I have some parts coming in to work on Gypsy's top end.  So I'll be bringing her into the front room as well.  Gotta clear some space in there.  Plus, I'm taking a bunch of parts to the Monroe Swap Meet at the end of March.  So I'll be organizing and packing all that up too.  At least that will help make some room for Gypsy to squeeze in.

Never any rest for the wicked...or something like that.

Catch you on the road sometime...

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