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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why I Ride

Why I Ride    

The gentle rhythm of my engine,
And the sun shining down warmly,
Fills my being with a joy so deep.
A joy I do not feel any other time,
Except when I am out for a ride.

Rolling along a mountain road,
Or traveling a busy interstate,
The feeling is the same.
To be a part of the scenery,
Experiencing it as I ride.

Wind or calm, rain or shine,
The thrill is there all the while.
Short putt, or on a long ride,
That joy lingers on afterwards,
Like an aura around me, it glows.

Friends I meet along the way,
If only to ride with for the day,
Make it so much more enjoyable.
Even the breakdowns and let downs
Are all a part of the life I love.

That is the key to it all,
Those are the reasons I ride.
For the many who understand,
No explanation is needed.
For those poor souls who cannot,
None is possible.


I wrote that poem on Feb 21, 1983.  The years have flowed past, but it still holds its truth.  Nothing fancy, nothing too profound.  Just basic, simple truth and how I still feel about riding, and how it fills my life.  A lot of years, and even more miles are behind me since i wrote that, and I have changed in many ways.  I don't remember sadly, a lot of things I used to know, but the fact of how I feel when I am not riding is one I hope I never forget.  Because if I ever forget that, then I will have forgotten the focus of most of my life.   Dont care how old and crotchety I might get, if I ever forget that, just put me out of my misery, and spread my ashes on the road.

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