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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dream Chopper

If money were no object, I would have a bike that started out with a Sugar Bear frame, and 20 over Sugar Bear front end.  For a drivetrain I'd have a Baker Frankentranny, and a BDL polished belt drive connected to an S&S 103" P Motor.  Either a Hunt or a Morris magneto, a 19 inch Metzeler on the front and a 16 inch on the back.  A sweet set of 40 spoke lace wheels holding both tires. A set of Paughco 6 bend pullback handlebars, a set of 5 gallon fat bob gas tanks, sprung solo seat, 36" sissy bar, and a bobbed rear fender.

But, money IS an object.  Worse, it is more like an obstacle.  So, I will have to be satisifed with making slow modifications to what I have already.  What I have is a 91 Softail Custom; with a Baker F5K kicker on it that I installed a couple years ago when I had some cash.  Some friends and I fashioned a custom exhaust that is simply a curving set of straight pipes.  It still needs some adjustment, but it works.  I replaced the 21 inch front wheel with a 16 incher, and a cheap knock-off of a Heritage front fender.  A set of 12 inch mini apes rounds out the look as it stands now.  But I still have plans for her as time and money allow.

She has a Mustang seat and pillion that I eventually want to replace with an old style sprung solo saddle seat.  I say sprung, because the frame will be strutted, and eventually hard tailed.  I want to put a foot clutch and jockey shift on her (an 8 Ball shift knob of course).  When the exhaust is finished, I'll have it ceramic coated, and the final hard tailed frame powder coated in a two tone gloss and flat black pattern.  The tins will be gloss black.  I would love to have an old style Imron paint job, but even finding Imron anymore is a trick in itself.  Never mind the cost of it.  An airbrush portrait of the sexy Gypsy Rose Lee adorning the sides of the tanks.  All the other art is in a constant state of flux.  At least until I find an artist to work out the details with.

I am always appreciative when I get compliments on how Gypsy Rose looks.  Saying how she looks so "Old School" and all that.  To me she just looks "comfortable".  When I know it will be raining for an extended period of time, I mount the front fender on her.  Otherwise I keep it off and just enjoy riding her.  She isnt my "Dream Chopper" but maybe someday she will be.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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