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Saturday, December 1, 2012

My New Knucklehead

I didn't make it to the Olympia Toy Run today.  From what I have heard, the weather kept a good number of people away.  Still there were several 1,000 who made it.  The weather forecasters once again were overly cautious in their predictions, and the weather didnt turn out quite as bad as they had made it sound.  It was still nasty, just not quite AS nasty.
But I was busy getting my new Knucklehead used to his new surroundings.  I was supposed to get him sometime around Christmas.  But his mother began running out of milk, and weaning the pups early.  So, I got a call, and went to pick him up last night  He's a Lab mix.  With a little Pit thrown in, but he has Rottie markings.  Go figure.  He seems to be a smart little guy, even if he only turns 4 weeks old tomorrow on the 2nd of December.  So far, he has only left piles on the paper, but his puddles are getting closer to the target as the day wears on.
He's not much bigger than my foot at the moment.  The Mastiff isnt sure what to make of him.  I think she thinks he is a moving squeeky toy, or some form of kitty.  Since she has never been around a puppy that I can recall.  Our old, grumpy Catahoula mix tolerates him.  That is, as long as he doesnt try to crawl onto her blanket.  Then she puts him in his place real quick.
I am going to be interested in seeing knuckleheads reaction when I bring my 91 Evo into the front room to work on the top end later this winter.  That might prove amusing.
Catch ya on the road sometime...


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