8 Ball In The Wind

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another Wet Ride...But A Good One

Today was the 7th Annual Mt St Helens Memorial Ride.  The weather was better than the last two years, but it was still on the "wetter than I'd like" side of things.  On the 50 miles from Castle Rock up to Johnston Ridge, we went from having 29 bikes at the start, to 18 when we finally reached the end.  When we reached our 2nd stop, 9 bikes decided their riders were too cold and wet, so they fired up and headed back down the hill.  Who'd have thought a bike club of firemen could be such wimps?  


  1. oh, it was wet there! much more than here. But still looks like a good ride!

    1. it was a good ride...I rode about 20 miles of it without any gloves on. But then I had a thermos of black coffee in the saddlebag too, so that made everything good. It was onlt wet in a few spots...mostly the rain was more of a drizzle when we ran into it.