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Monday, May 6, 2013

Getting A Rise Out Of Me

My buddy Pat gave me these risers the other day.  I was going to use them  on the Ironhead with some Paughco 6 bend pullbacks that I want to use.  But I was dinking around with Gypsy (sometimes a very bad thing to do) and got to wondering how they would look on her.  I figured the cables would be too short, but I had plenty of slack in them.  It was the wiring for the switches and shit that kept me about an inch too short.

Soooo, after I lead the Mt St Helens Memorial Run on the 18th, I am going to pull the tanks and reroute the wiring so it doesnt pass through the triple tree top.  Then I can mount the risers and bars, and lean them back just a hair.  That should give me enough pullback on the bars so I don't have to lean forward at all.  

That'll save my lower back on those 200-500 mile days riding Gypsy.  Ought to make those long rides much more enjoyable for this old man.  (It is a helluva lot more enjoyable to be able to get off the bike and not be half bent over with a tweaked back for the first hour (or day) or so...after a good long ride.

I'll post pics of how Gypsy looks with the new risers once I have everything all together again.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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