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Friday, May 10, 2013

Important Little Shit

So, tomorrow is the first of the fund raising runs to make osme cash to pay for the insurance for next years rally.  The route is laid out, the stops are all confirmed, and things are looking good.

Then I get home from work last night, and what do I realize.  I dont have the score sheets, or route maps & stops printed up yet.

Once I got them all printed up and cut to size, I sat back and relaxed.  Then I realized I needed to have an envelope for the 50/50 dough, the entry fee, and all the other money we may be handling.

I am hoping this is a success...well Hell, I'll be satisfied if it isnt a total disaster.  This is more to just get the word out about what we are trying to do, and generate some cash so we can proceed.  I think once we have a ride under our belts, and not as quickly put together as this one was, we'll do a bit better.

Anyway, I'm going to go over the bike one more time before I head out tomorrow.  So I'm gonna get off my ass and get things done.  I am sure I am forgetting some important little shit item, but I wont find out until I need it.  I printed up 40 score sheets, and 24 maps for the sites.  If it turns out I don't have enough, I will be more than grateful...you know what I mean?

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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