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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Now What's Going To Happen?

On Friday, after I get off work, we'll be heading over White Pass on the way to Ellensburg.  That is if the pass is still open.  If not, then we'll have to ride up through Sumner to Auburn, and over Snoqualmie Pass.  Not nearly as nice of a ride, so I am hoping White Pass will be open.

We'll be heading over with Mo and his wife Charlene.  If the weather is even halfway decent, we're taking the bikes to Ellensburg.  I would really hate to have to go in the car, and the forecast is for scattered showers on Friday.  So I am really pulling for it to be good enough to ride in.  I would feel kind of odd to go to a motorcycle gathering in a car.

We're heading to the A.B.A.T.E. of Washington state Board of Directors meeting.  The whole idea is to get our chapter to be chartered as an official Chapter of the state organization.  So the four of us are riding over together, and maybe a couple more of us will meet up there, or ride over too.  Still getting a line on how that will go.

I figure it's roughly a tank of gas to Ellensburg, but we'll probably top off in Naches just to be on the safe side.  We'll be riding up through the Yakima River Canyon between Selah and Ellensburg.  The motel where the meeting is sits right on the side of the road coming out of the canyon.

Since we'll be in that neck of the woods, I'll be swinging up to Cle Elum to see a good friend of mine named Gabe.  Or maybe getting him to swing down and visit us in E-burg.  However that plays out, I'm definitely going to see Gabe, one way or another.  If we get a chance, it would be great to ride with Gabe and his '78 Lowrider.  I havent gotten to ride with him in a couple of years, so it is one of the things I want to do while I am over there.

There are a couple of places I want to check out, if there is time.  The Flying Horse cafe, for one.  If there is time, I would like to ride up towards Roslyn, and get a bite at the Brick.  It's been a few years, and I miss that cool little town.  It is where they filmed the TV show Northern Exposure.  A lot of the buildings have cool murals on the sides of them.  One even has a Marlon Brando mural from The Wild One on it.  Others are pretty cool too.  So if you ever get up in the Greater Ellensburg area, go check out the little town of Roslyn.

I'll be posting any pics I take, there ought to be some good ones while crossing the pass.  There is already plenty of snow up there, so ought to have some good ones.  Especially if Dog Lake hasnt frozen yet, and the snow is covering the slops down to the lake.  Either way, I'll post the best of what I take.  Until then, I'll be getting things ready to go.  One way or another.

Catch you on the road sometime...

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