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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Busy Aint The Word

Here it is the day before Halloween, and I havent had a decent chance to sit down and write anything on here in what, a week?  It's been really busy trying to get this new ABATE chapter actually rolling.  As well as working, and taking care of stuff around the house.

I came home last night and we had a clogged sink.  So, I checked it out, and quickly found it was near the top of the drain, about two feet beyond the U Bend.  So I pulled the piping to the drain, and hooked up my drain cleaner (the one that looks like a little donkey dick) and hooked it to the garden hose I ran in from the backdoor.  The wife opened it up, and it immediately swelled and sealed off the pipe like it should.  After a couple of seconds, I could hear water flowing in the drain so I asked my brother to see if he could hear it through the drain in the bathroom since they are connected.  No dice, he didn't hear shit.  Robin said she could hear water flowing from outside, but wasn't sure where.

About that time, the downspout on the gutter starting flowing with water.  Mind you this is on a nice bright sunny day.  She stepped back and looked at the gutter, and that's when she noticed the water shooting out of the kitchen drain vent up on the roof.  I wish she had grabbed her camera and taken a video of it...I am sure it would have gone viral on youtube for sure...Instead, she ran over and turned off the hose.  As soon as pressure in the hose stopped, the donkey dick sharnk, and all that water filling the vent pipe blew out passed it and pushed it out of the pipe.  Soaking me in the process.

Alls well that ends well, after a couple hours, a quart of sulphuric acid followed by a couple pots of boiling water and some forceful snake usage, the drain came clear, and all is well.

Almost...As I was cleaning up the mess, and dumping the nasty backflow water Robin grabbed her camera and took a pic of me coming back from dumping the water in the dry clothes I had handy.  Not my best for sure.

Have a good one everybody...

I'll catch ya on the road sometime...

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