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Monday, April 21, 2014

Finding The Corpses

There seems to be more than just the BLM involved in the governmental over reach at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, NV.  When a pilot took images from a small plane of cattle being rounded up into small pens as part of their round-up, the FAA declared a 'No Fly Zone' over an area that roughly half the size of the state of Delaware that the BLM had closed to entry on the ground.

Hastily dug pits have been found now with many dead cattle buried in them.  Including two 'prize bulls' that were shot by BLM officials.  Water tanks, fence lines, and even tortoise burrows were destroyed.  Rather ironic since protecting the tortoise habitat was the first reason BLM gave for their actions.  The they switched to the Bundy's not paying $1,000,000 in graze fees that BLM had decided they were now entitled to.

There are even comments by high ranking government officials characterizing the Bundy's and those supporting them as 'domestic terrorists' while ignoring the heavy handed intimidation techniques of the BLM.

I would really love to see the Court Order the BLM says they were acting under.  It is of great interest to see if killing cattle, and destroying private property, and tortoise habitat is anywhere in the order.  This story has yet to finish unfolding.

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