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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spring Opener Pt 2

When we pitched the tent, we had gotten all the rocks out from under it.  Or so we thought.  We were just too damn tired, and it was too dark to bother moving the tent to get a few half buried rocks out.  So we just lay there listening to the bikes and rigs and music from the band.  Finally, I fell asleep.  Sometime around two or so, and got about three hours sleep.  When I woke back up, I just laid there with my eyes closed and sort of cat napped off and on for another hour or so.  It was about 6:30 when we finally got up and dressed.  We just couldn't resist answering natures call any longer.  We got the bike warmed up, and headed out looking for the campsite with a flat tire.

About 7:00, we got hold of Mo, and got somewhat better directions.  When we were getting close, we could see Mo waving at us, so we just rolled in and said "Mornin'".  Coffee was just about ready (Christine owns an espresso shop so I knew it would be good strong coffee) and we just chilled for a bit before I went back and move our gear over to this campsite.

It seems everyone had been partying like rockstars since Thursday night.  They were all moving a bit slowly on an early Saturday morning.  Life was beginning to stir all around the ranch as you could hear bikes firing up and heading out to the gas station and restaurant just outside the gate.  I rolled out there myself and filled the tire with air.  I have to tell you, it was a cool feeling seeing everybody ride around with no helmets on.  Even the store and gas station were still on private property.  So you didn't need to ride on any road to get there.

After getting the tent and gear moved, we had a good breakfast.  Then Robin and I went to check out the bike show and vendors, and to find some more friends, old ones and new ones.



Bike Show

While at the bike show, we were given an invitation for our entire chapter at the Opener to come and join in the anniversary party for the East Pierce County Chapter of ABATE of Washington.  It turned was a kickass BBQ and good time.  Many thanks to Noel and his entire crew there at EPCC.  Elk Country Chapter were the FNG's at Spring Opener this year, but we were treated like family without a doubt.

After the BBQ, we went back to 'the bowl' and checked out the bike games.  Tacoma Chapter of ABATE did a Hell of a job putting it on.  Especially confined to as small a spot as it was.




After the 'Slow Plank Race' came the 'Belt Toss'.  That's a two person event, but this year, the two top finishers were solo riders.  There had to be a run-off between Tony and Chops, who both had two belts over the cones after the first round.  After the run-off Tony won on his Heritage Softail with all three belts over a cone in one toss.  Chops came in second on his old Shovel with two.  It made for quite an entertaining show.

It figures, the camera batteries died after the Belt Toss, so I didn't get any pics of the rest of the games.  But the Weinie Bite had one gal who missed the hot dog and bent so far backwards trying to get it, that when the bike started rolling forward she damn near did a face plant on the ground behind the bike.

I wanted at least a few pics of the Hells Belles playing so we went back to camp to get fresh batteries and some good liquid refreshment.  It meant we missed the tittie contest, but we did at least get a couple pics of Rick getting his bike washed at the Bikini Bike Wash.

It's getting about that time, and I need to go out and do a little work on Gypsy.  So I will finish this up in part 3.  Until then, have a good one.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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