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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hearing is Friday

Well, at long last, the Superior Court Hearing is on friday.  Today I mail in my submission of exhibits.  So now I just have to get my head around to figure out how to prove that I DID NOT WANT TO QUIT MY JOB.  According to the Asst Atty General represent the unemployment dept, that is the key to the whole deal.  Whether I intended to quit, or not.
Like I was intending to quit, when my whole beef was the fact that by doing what the boss had done, he had made it impossible for me to even make my housepayment...so if I was pissed because I couldnt make the payment, why would I quit and have NO MONEY coming in?
I have also included some things that disprove some of the statements that the former boss made.  Like that I worked on a "very limited" basis when I started, so I didnt get a mid month draw.  I actually put in nearly 160 hrs, and was payed a $400 draw mid month the first month, and $500 the second month.
Oh well, just have to get my point across come friday.  I'll keep everyone posted.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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