8 Ball In The Wind

Monday, January 9, 2012

Moving On

Well now, since the hearing says I quit.  I am not going to keep beating my head against the wall, just to give myself a headache.   It is time to start focussing on more productive things.  However I am sending the IRS the paperwork so they can see what a fuck up the assholes I use to work for made of the taxes they were suppose to withhold. 
Also, while I was down at Brando's getting the tranny straightened out, we discussed my plans to make a guidebook of some of the lesser known, but very cool riding roads.  Brando came up with the suggestion of making the booklet a .pdf file and selling it on Amazon for $1-2 per download.  It would be much less expensive to produce, and many more people would possibly be able to get it.  It is definitely something to consider.  Especially when I could readily use a little extra cash.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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