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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Thoughts

I have been talking to a few people lately about what I have in mind with my Softail.  About why I put a kicker on it, and why I am thinking of putting struts on the softail instead of its shocks.  When Harley bought the rights to the Softail frame, and began producing it, I was working at a H-D Dealership.  I always liked the basic look of the Softail, because it reminded me of the clean lines of a hardtail.  I put the Baker kicker on it because I just hate the idea of not having one on it.  One of the reasons I traded my '05 Sporty in on my 91 Softail was because it didnt have a kicker, and I still like the looks of the Softail Custom.  But, I didnt like the 21 inch up front, so I swapped it out for the 16 thats on there now.  I took the long fishtail exhaust off, and replaced it with a custom made exhaust that better suits how I like it to be.  I want to replace the single fire ignition with a dual fire one...that will make it much easier to kick the bike when its cold.  Also, I want to run a foot clutch, and jockey shift.  Planning to put struts on in place of the shocks to make it rigid, but I still owe money on the bike, so I'm not chopping the frame...just in case.
Once everything is paid for, and I dont have to worry about the frame, I might chop it, or put everything in a rigid frame, but it will be more raked than stock.  I just dont know whether it will be a hydraulic or springer front end. 
All in all, I have the look of the bike laid down in my head.  Over time it will slowly begin to take the shape I want...it is mostly there already.  But when it is done, it will be my bike, the way I want it...not just half measures.  But right on the nail of how I want it.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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