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Friday, February 17, 2012

Pulling Out My Hair

Well I changed the front cover on the guidebook to something that looks a bit more like a motorcycle guide book, and now I just need to figure out how to get it on Amazon to sell.  You would think it would be easy to open an account to sell shit, but I have just been going around in circles with it.  Pulling what little hair I have out...and it's already thin enough!!
Anyway, either I am just braindead enough I am not getting it, or something.  But I am sure I'll get something figured out over the weekend.
I do know I am already going to do a few more of these guidebooks, and might even print a few up and sell them at swapmeets and runs...but sure as hell not for $1.99.

I just got to focus on getting this all together and get it up and for sale.  It would be nice to make a little extra cash, and do it because I love to ride here in the NW.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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