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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Riders Guide Book

I am about 70% done with the Riders Guide Book I am putting together to sell on Amazon for $1.99.  So far it is about 33 pages long, and will be close to 50 pages by the time it is done.  I figure Amazon is going to charge $.99 for each one I sell, so if I sell them at $1.99 I'll make a buck each.  I figure at $1.99, it'll be cheap enough people wont be too worried about buying it.  If they dont like it, well they only spent $1.99.  If they do like it, well they got a real good deal.  The pic up top shows a sample of the maps for the roads that are going to be in this one.  Since these roads are all only a couple hours from the Seattle/Tacoma, and Portland/Vancouver metro areas, there ought to be enought riders interested to at least check them out.
If this one seems like it will be popular, I'll make others for different regions of the Pacific Northwest that I am familiar enough to describe, make a map for, and have pics of.
I sent a sample to a friend out on the Oregon coast who rides every chance he gets, and puts a lot of miles down when he rides.  he says he 's going to buy one when its for sale, and wants to know when i am going to do another book...and where the roads will be.  So I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Who knows, if this works out it might keep enough cash coming in to afford fixing up the bike the way I want...and maybe make the Smoke Out in Rockingham, NC next year.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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