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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dont Take Shit From A Machine

Ok, this is getting a bit ridiculous!!  I was torquing down the last bolt on the inner primary.  Already looking forward to getting the stator, compensating gear, clutch, and primary chain all back on the bike within the next hour or so.  When I heard both the torque wrench click, and the aluminum of the inner primary case crack.

With a new replacement running in the neighborhood of $250 and up, I thought I was fucked.  I posted what happened on my facebook page, and in a parts swap page on facebook.  I was going to post on The Horses Back Talk swap meet forum today, but already had an offer for the replacement part for $50 plus shipping from Mike down at A-1 Cycles in West Palm Beach, FLA.  So naturally I jumped on it.  I want to thank Mike personally, and I am very much impressed with how quick he responded, even having the proper part number and fitment for the case.  It gives me another reason to want to ride down to Florida some time...I've never been around the Gulf Coast, and this is just one more reason.

So, after it arrives here, I can get her all back together and be riding only a week or so behind schedule.  I swear, I think Gypsy has gotten to enjoy being in the warm front room of the house, and doenst want to go out in the cold.  Why else would she start breaking shit like this, the oil line return nipple from the engine case, the brake light switch wire connector...and so on.

oh well, I dont take shit from no machine...so she WILL be on the road ASAP.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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