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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Little Help From A Friend

With my back all tweaked, I havent been able to bend down and kneel for long, or torque everything down.  So a good friend said he would come over and do what I couldnt.
But as the day arrived for him to come over, I realized there wasnt a bearing or oil seal in the inner primary case I had bought.  So I hopped on the phone and started making calls.  Only one of the shops I called had any, and that one had 3.  The parts guy was actually surprised no one else carried the bearing, and asked "dont they work on bikes?".  I think they do, but dont carry parts for anything over about 10 yrs old to keep their overhead down.  I guess it doesnt matter to them if the customer has to wait an extra week to get their bike back because they are waiting on parts.  When I got to the dealership (90 miles from home but the ONLY shop I could find in a 150 mile circle that had the parts I needed) I was further impressed by what I saw on the wall behind the parts counter.  It wasnt just H-D shit for the newest models...but they had the right side case cover and mag to fit a flat head on display and for sale.  I even saw a kind of cool chair made from mufflers, rotors, and sprockets.  Nice look, and considering the quality of the work $160 probably wasnt too bad a price...considering.

When I got back with the parts, I let my friend Chris know and he came back over to get to work on Gypsy.  To keep me from screwing up my back any worse, I had to sit in an old oak desk chair I have in the front room while "supervising" him with the work.  Hell I was basically a tool monkey for all intents and purposes...just guiding how a part went on while he did it.

By the time Chris left last night, all that remained to be done was to; mount the oil tank, fill the oil tank primary and tranny, connect and adjust the clutch, replace the battery, and put on the exhaust and kicker.  Enough that after a few pints of Apple Pie it was time to call it a night, and leave the rest for today.

Thanks Chris for all your help...I have more Apple Pie up in the cupboard for after you kick start the ol' girl.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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