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Friday, April 27, 2012

Test Ride Results...Sort Of

Okay, got back from the test ride, and even stopped by to see a Brother at his place.  The bike is running good, but there are a couple of minor issues.  It looks like I need to pull the carb's float bowl and clean it...whenever you shut the bike off, fuel runs out the carb overflow tube until you shut off the fuel.  The clutch still needs some adjustment.  It wont slip into neutral with the motor running, and I can feel the adjustment isnt quite right.  I also want to take a look at the starter, because it almost sounded a couple times like it wasnt engaging the teeth around the clutch hub.  
Like I said, a few minor things.
But she runs good, and shifts easy.  So all in all I am satisfied.  I was so busy concentrating on the bike, that I spaced right out on  taking pics while riding up the divide, and was almost halfway down on the way back before I remembered I had the camera in my pocket.  So I got a couple of decent shots.   Hope ya like 'em.

Something tells me that the train wont be coming back into Morton any time soon.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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